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موضوع: Spectrasonics Trilogy 1.2 VSTi | Team DELiRiUM

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    May 2012
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    Spectrasonics Trilogy 1.2 VSTi | Team DELiRiUM

    تنها كاربران عضو مي توانند لينك ها را مشاهده كنند.

    PC | 1.39 GB

    Trilogy is the Ultimate Electric, Acoustic and Synth Bass Instrument. When you're ready to get serious about Bass, this is the instrument! Trilogy is a programmable, sample-based sound module plug-in, that integrates a massive 3 Gigabyte core library of hundreds of brand new, remarkable Bass sounds, with a powerful user interface for creating your own unique patches.

    The real power of Trilogy lies within its layering concept. Beyond the core library hundreds of incredible new Basses, every patch in Trilogy has two layers that you can tweak individually. You can also immediately mix and match any of the layers in the core library together, and edit each one independently. Imagine the power of combining the sound of a real Minimoog™ with a Fretless bass, or a Access Virus™ with a TB-303™, or even adding a Juno™ sub-oscillator to an Upright Bass! There are thousands of earthshaking combinations, and you'll never run out of options.

    Let's look at each of the three sections of Trilogy in detail, since each one has some innovative features:


    The highly detailed Acoustic Upright Bass is one of the highlights of this instrument. Because of Trilogy's unique interface, you can get a wide variety of gorgeous tones from this Bass. This is made possible because the interface has separate control of the Neumann™ U-47 Tube Microphone signal and the Direct Pickup signal, which was sampled through a vintage Neve™ 1083 Console. This stunning sounding acoustic is chromatically sampled, with multi-dynamic velocity switching. The hardest velocity in every Bass patch in Trilogy brings in real bass glisses, similar in concept to the idea Spectrasonics pioneered on the Hans Zimmer Guitar libraries. An acoustic Martin™ Dreadnought Bass Guitar is also available in the Acoustic section -perfect for those "unplugged" sessions!

    Trilogy's innovative True Staccato™ technique lets you play repeated notes on the Acoustic and Electric basses in real-time with a whole new level of realistic phrasing, and finally allows for repeated notes that sound completely natural like a bass player, and not like the dreaded "machine gun" sampler effect!


    The huge selection of Electric Basses are from all new, painstakingly recorded sessions, and features classic 4, 5 and 6 string models, performed in Fingered, Picked, Muted, Rock & Roll, Slapping, Ballad, Fretless and R&B techniques through rare, custom-made tube preamps. Special variations are presented including Harmonics, Glisses, Fuzz, Trills, FX and thousands of Slides! Both Modern and Vintage "Old School" Electrics are available, providing a wide array of tones for different musical settings. All the patches are mapped the same way, so that one sequence will work with any bass you select.

    There are thousands of samples used in these instruments, mapped with multiple dynamics for amazing expression. You don't have to "assemble" Bass parts with Trilogy, it's extremely playable as a highly expressive real-time instrument too!

    To complete the picture, every Acoustic and Electric Bass in Trilogy has a special "Finger Noise" release layer with release triggering, that gives these basses amazing realism -perfectly simulating the fretboard response of the real bass. When a note is released, the Finger Noise layer triggers an appropriate noise sample from among hundreds of tiny fret noises, subtle string scrapes, squeeks, x-notes, taps and mutes, which add a user controllable "human" imperfection element to your performance. You can also easily control how much of this effect you want, since the noise effect is on its own layer that can be controlled from the Trilogy Mixer.


    Trilogy is one of the most awesome Bass Synthesizers ever made! Have you ever struggled with trying to fit your synth bass sounds to sit in a track properly? The sound of Trilogy is not only ultra-fat, but it sits great in a mix. That's because we've created high-resolution core samples from legendary Analog Bass Synths like the Minimoog™, Roland Juno 60™, Roland TB-303™, Roland SH-101™, Oberheim™ SEM, Moog Taurus™, OSCar™, Access Virus™, Yamaha CS-80™, Arp Odyssey™ and 2600™, Studio Electronics SE-1™, Omega™ and ATC™ Tone Chameleon, Sequential Circuits Pro One™, the mighty Moog Voyager™ and many others! Trilogy's multimode resonant ******s allow you total control over the sound, while still retaining the original character and power of the classic analog instruments.

    Each fully programmable layer has its own multimode resonant ******s, four LFOs, three envelopes, adjustable sample start and matrix modulation. There's also an additional master ****** for quick tone shaping.

    In addition to gigabytes of high-resolution sampled vintage synth waveforms, and thick multimode resonant ******s for each layer, Trilogy has the rare feature of smooth analog synth-style Legato triggering and Glide that software samplers lack. This capability allows for Synth Bass sounds that truely play like a vintage analog synth. This feature can also be used with any of the Electric or Acoustic Basses, for unique hybrid Bass sounds that you've never heard before!

    Whether you're looking to anchor your mixes with a giant vault of amazing Bass presets, or you're searching for a versatile instrument to create your own unique Bass sounds…there's no other Bass instrument out there with the tone, variety and flexibility of Trilogy -it's simply in a class by itself.

    World's only dedicated Acoustic, Electric and Synth Bass instrument
    Earthshaking, Cone-blowing, Subsonic sound
    Massive 3 gig core library
    All NEW Sounds developed by award-winning sound designer Eric Persing.
    Hundreds of brand new Electric, Acoustic and Synth Basses, each with dual layers.
    Mix and Match layers for thousands of dynamic combinations
    Highly-detailed, multi-velocity multisample articulations for ultimate expression.
    Innovative 'True Staccato' sample-mapping, for natural sounding repeated notes.
    Finger Noise release layer for ultimate realism
    Analog synth-style Legato triggering with Glide
    Easy to use built-in patch management system
    Fully programmable
    Multimode resonant ******s for each layer, plus master ******s
    Three envelopes per layer for Pitch, ****** and Amplitude
    Matrix-style modulation routing, four LFOs
    Total recall with your sequence
    Powered by custom 32 bit UVI engine
    Cross platform plug-in compatibility!

    Trilogy ia a prototype of Trilian. If you do not want to download dozens of gigabytes, which occupy Trilian you can download Trilogy. It is also very good module with very good sounds, but size is much smaller.




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